Friday, May 04, 2007

Spider-Man Versus Kurt Kordok: Part One

Hooray for you, Spider-Man! It appears that the fight is going to be pretty one-sided. While Kurt Kordok has the strength of about maybe five guys, he also has the rage of someone who has spent the last couple of years fantasizing about his encounter with Spider-Man, and thinking that the hero thought of him as well, only to be proven wrong and mocked. The rage will up Kordok's strength and reaction time just a bit, but he'll still be no match for the guy with the proportionate speed and strength of a spider. Spider-Man, for his part, seems to be enjoying himself and is basically toying with Kordok. While this is pretty classic Spider-Man behavior, I still feel kind of bad for Kurt.

TIL: Spider-Man's surprise that his spider-sense is back. He just seems so awe-struck by it.

Also, "Spider-Man 3" opens in theaters across the United States today. Here's the comic I did in honor of it. I'm going to plug this thing until Monday, at least.


Anonymous said...

"Blast you!"
I love it when comic baddies talk like Megatron.

jvwalt said...

Um, let's see. Big chunky bad guy, really angry, shouting, making fists... and then he tries to hit Spider-Man. Wow. Only someone with Spider-Sense could have seen that coming.