Thursday, May 03, 2007

Spider-Man Versus Kurt Kordok: Second Prelude

Aw, Kurt Kordok is just doing this because he wants Spidey to remember him! That is just so gosh-darned cute that I can't stand it. Spider-Man, however, does not remember him. Kordok's just another hood to the web-slinger. Kordok does seem to have some sort of weird power that allows him to transfer poles to right in front of him so he can punch them in half, though. That could potentially make things interesting. Not as interesting as if he turned out to be the Kingpin, but I think that's a boat that won't float. Indeed, it's probably at the bottom of the Bay along with Weasel's happy-go-lucky attitude.

TIL: The fact that Kordok basically did this whole thing to get some validation.

ALSO: In honor of tomorrow's "Spider-Man 3" opening, I did a comic (you did know I have a webcomic, didn't you?) in honor of it. You can find it here.

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