Thursday, May 17, 2007

Spider-Man Versus Kurt Kordok: Days Twelve and Thirteen

05/16/2007:Yeah, I remember the last time Spider-Man let some crooks get away. What happened then? What? The crook broke into Spider-Man's house and shot his Uncle Ben, driving Spider-Man into a life of altruism citing that the experience had taught him that with great power comes great responsibility? I mean, it's not like Spider-Man knew the cops were there or anything, and it's not like Kordok is going anywhere.

TIL: Lug in panel two. He looks so surprised.

05/17/2007:How did Dara Dorset get there? The last we saw, she was running out of the stadium, not into a bunch of boxes. Also, Spider-Man could still web-jam Kordok's popgun and make it to Dara Dorset in time. He does have the proportionate agility of a spider, after all. Wait, how did Kordok know Dara was there in the first place? I hope this all ends soon, because it's making my head hurt.

TIL: Dara Dorset has been stricken with terminal surprise.


SamKerby said...

terminal surprise? It's more like gas. And yeah, how she get there? It's so cornfooze'n. Make it stop mommy!!!

jvwalt said...

And, after first having a gun, then apparently losing his gun and relying on his henchmen to shoot Spider-Man, now Kordok's got his gun back! Yeah, continuity, internal logic -- who needs 'em? It's just a silly little newspaper comic strip. Bah.