Monday, May 28, 2007


This is fair, and considering how Jonah has the newspaper rights to the story, should make them both fairly happy. I know Jonah will get all angry, but that's what he gets for dealing with Maria Lopez. Also, I'm wondering if the Bugles (Jonah's newspapers) have a web-site. Such a thing would no doubt be a boon to them, and perhaps a new money-maker for Jonah.

I hope the next storyline has either the Sandman or Mysterio in it. Both would make sense, seeing as how it's a movie shoot and it's in the desert.

TIL: Jonah's look of triumph in panel one.


jvwalt said...

Er... maybe Jonah's had a personality transplant while I wasn't looking, but doesn't he despise Spider-Man? Why would he be happy about a Big Story that makes Spider-Man look good?

Mike Podgor said...

Once it's in the paper, it'll say something like "Spider-Man Turns on Co-Conspirator: Dara Dorset Hoax Uncovered!"