Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mary Jane Returns?!

Today we have Spider-Man being a jerk (have at least some token pity for the man who buys your photos!) and Maria Lopez and Dara Dorset becoming "friends". We also have something that caught me pretty much completely off-guard: the return of Mary Jane! No doubt she'll get in there to have a marital spat with Spider-Man, only to have Dara say, "Yeah, I lied about that". Of course, then Jonah and Maria will wonder why Mary Jane cares so much if Spider-Man is married. Either they'll put two and two together (unlikely) or it'll just become more grist for the gossip mill.

TIL: How Mary Jane is drawn in the third panel.


Andy said...

How is it that everyone on the planet can sneak by the police except Mary Jane? And do celebrities routinely expect to be granted all-access passes to hostage situations and crime scenes?

JG said...

MJ is back. Or is she a clone created by the thought-to-be-dead Miles Warren?

I guess I'll have to wait and see. My money is on clone.

Anonymous said...

I like how misogynist spiderman is. Mary Jane is the ONLY female he cares about. Not even Aunt May makes the cut.