Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spider-Man Versus Kurt Kordok: Day Eleven (Featuring the WORST THUGS EVER)

So far we've seen five guys in Kurt Kordok's employ. Weasel, Lug, Angel, and two unnamed thugs. Weasel is easily the most competent of the trio, evidenced by the fact that he has his own wardrobe and quite neatly fits the "Sniveling Assistant" mold. While the only job we've seen him do is kidnap Dara Dorset, he did complete his task. Yes, Dara Dorset got bruised, but at least she arrived at Kordok's hideout intact. Yes, Weasel has betrayed his former master, but at least he's still alive.

Lug and Angel, on the other hand, fit the incompetent henchman mold. They dress in identical suits and have botched every job they've had. We've seen them fail to hit Jonah Jameson with a videotape, fail to make sure Weasel has slept with the fishes, and just generally screw up this whole thing with Spider-Man. The only remarkable thing about them is that Angel's hair color has changed from gray to light brown. The other two thugs were just common criminals, but were scared enough of Kordok to ensure their silence.

As for today's strip, it just further reinforces that Lug and Angel are the worst thugs ever. I hope Weasel is waiting for them with a crowbar and a snide grimace.

TIL: Lug and Angel finishing each other's sentences, as shown in panel three. Isn't that just so cute?


Andy said...

Kurt Kordok was busted by Spider-Man, right? So techinically he should KNOW that his terrible, terrible "Lure Spider-Man to the Collisseum and have Lug and Angel shoot him after I wrap him in chains" plot is simply not going to work, and should be equipped with a back-up plan besides stand around and look stupid.

Mike Podgor said...

Kordok's back-up plan is probably either:
A) Fight Spider-Man
B) Run from Spider-Man

Chances are, this will happen:
C) Get beat-up by Spider-Man and arrested

jvwalt said...

Lug and Angel remind me of the laughable henchmen in the old "Batman" TV series. The idea that grade-A supervillains like Penguin and the Joker would actually hire grade-Z goons who appeared to learn their skills from Shemp and Curly.

As for Kordok's ordering them to shoot Spidey, now that's another whole world of stupid. Didn't Kordok have a gun in his own hand the previous day? Couldn't the three of them have surrounded Spidey, so that he could only disable two with his web-shooters? This makes me long for the days when villains left the hero in some sort of fatal mechanism and left the room.