Thursday, November 01, 2007

Simon Krandis: NOT the Kingpin

Well, it turns out (to no one's surprise but my everlasting chagrin) that Simon Krandis is not the Kingpin. He looks vaguely familiar, sort of like Jerry Van Dyke circa ten years ago. So we have a time-displaced evil Jerry Van Dyke running around trying to buy the Daily Bugle. Meanwhile, the Persuader has yet to make an appearance and it's almost Sunday again. If you promise us the Persuader, Stan Lee, then you had darn well better give us the Persuader.

TIL: The escalating amount of background detail in each panel. Also, Jameson's face in panel two.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking Simon Krandis is the Persuader.

jvwalt said...

'Suader shows up in the 11/2 installment.

Simon Krandis would be a lot more entertaining if they'd emphasized the combover and called him "Tronald Dump," or maybe made him a scary Australian gnome called "Mupert Turdoch." As it is, he's just the latest in a long line of fat evil bastards. (Fat is to Spider-Man as facial hair is to Mark Trail: virtually a surefire sign of moral turpitude.)