Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Brilliance of Simon Krandis

Simon Krandis proves he is perhaps the most brilliant criminal mind this side of Wilson Fisk. Not only has he hired a brutal thug in order to obtain a third-rate newspaper, but now he is sending this man to set up a date. This man, who was no doubt a wanted criminal before he started blowing up trucks and whatnot.

However, Simon Krandis didn't count on one thing - the Persuader draws the line at "lonely hearts stuff" and will no doubt spill the beans on Krandis's operation as soon as it's convenient. Oh Simon, you lost the loyalty of your thug in pursuit of a married woman. Thus begins the downfall of Simon Krandis.

TIL: The fact that the Persuader is actually upset with this plot.

Also, "Snuffy Smith" makes its second appearance on this Blog:It's a pretty minor cameo. However, it also bugs me. Look at that comic... the front cover should be facing away from us. And it's not one of those flip books, because then the cover would be upside down.


Aaron T. said...

Maybe Jughaid is reading Spider-Man: The Manga. Is it just me, or in the second panel does Simon Krandis kinda resemble Donald Trump?

Aaron T. said...

Believe it or not, when I wrote the above comment I didn't realize there actually was a Spider-Man: The Manga!