Thursday, November 08, 2007

Basically a Continuation of Yesterday's Post

Further proof that a better name for the Persuader would be "Extortionist" or "Blackmailer".

TIL: I still think the newspaper guy is nifty.


jvwalt said...

As lame as the Persuader is, I do admit that I like how he can wreak havoc while standing completely still, in violation of the laws of conservation of motion. Hey, any villain who can defy Sir Isaac Newton has to get some respect. I mean, even Thor has to wind up and spin around to throw his hammer. The Persuader could presumably do it with a flick of the wrist, while maintaining his line of theatening patter.

Anonymous said...

What a cunning plan. Put the Bugle out of business by intimidating corner news stands one at a time. Shouldn't take more than, oh, ten years (assuming weekends and holidays off) to bring the scheme to fruition.

Mike Podgor said...

Perhaps that guy is the King of the Newspaper Jockeys and taking him down takes them all down.