Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Can Jonah's Life Get Any Worse?

From this, I'm guessing last Friday's comic had the Persuader entering the Daily Bugle building not to assault Jameson, but to sabotage the printing presses. How a man that large and tactless could get to the printing presses and sabotage them without alerting any sort of authorities is beyond me. As for the subsequent appearing across the street from Spider-Man and the King of the Newspaper Jockeys, I'm guessing there was a back door to the room the printing presses were in that the Persuader sneaked out of. I kind of wish we saw him doing that. Also, it's notable that this is pretty much the only logical thing the Persuader had done in pursuit of his goal.

Wait, trucks? More than one was blown up? When did this happen? (EDIT: It happened on November 3rd, it would seem...)

TIL: Jonah's facial expressions. Jonah Jameson is not only the King of All Media, but King of Melodrama as well.

Peter Parker (high school-era) and Aunt May made an appearance in today's "Bizarro":Thanks to the person who pointed this out to me, whose name I'm withholding because the email said the message was confidential.


Anonymous said...

Two trucks were blown up. One on 10/31, one on 11/03. Your commentary on the 11/03 strip suggests that you thought it was simply reiterating the earlier story, but in fact it was a new event.

Mike P said...

I was probably tired that day. I am always tired. Thank you for pointing it out, though.