Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Jumpy Mary Jane, Lazy Peter

First off, I have to warn you that I think I'm going mildly insane. So, if the posts become a bit rambly and incoherent, that's why. Now onward to the weak insights, as advertised:

11/05:Peter should put on a shirt and Mary Jane should learn how to make pancakes. Those things on that plate look like no pancake I have ever seen. Also: Mary Jane is awfully jumpy today, bouncing from side to side like a rabbit or something.

TIL: Peter's stupid look in panel three.

11/06:Peter is sitting in his pajamas on the computer Googling people, therefore making him the laziest detective ever. Yet this proves to an effective method. Perhaps tomorrow's strip will feature Peter looking at Krandis' Wikipedia entry and performing some "edits" which will ruin the shady businessman's biography.

TIL: Peter's use of the term "more money than Midas". Famed figures in mythology and history should be used as benchmarks more often in today's world. I know the phrases exist, it's just that people don't use them anymore.

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