Friday, November 02, 2007

The Persuader Enters

Well, it's the Persuader. And look at that, he's a muscled thug in a sport coat. At least it's a green sport coat, which seems to be a good color for Spider-Foes. He also has really bad hair, which also seems to be a requirement for being a Spider-Foe. In any case, I'm already hoping this installment of "Spider-Man Versus Evil Men With Suits" ends quickly so we can get to another installment of "Spider-Man Has Lackluster Encounter With Supervillain". In-between, we'll have to put up with "Peter Parker Lives His Life" though. The only plus to that one is that it has a better chance of featuring Cheesecake Mary Jane.

TIL: It looks like the Persuader cut off two of his fingers.

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