Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Backlog Unloaded

Sorry for not posting. I was moving, and boy howdy, was it ever a terrible experience which still isn't over. Anyhow, here's the backlog:

I was totally wrong about this being worth seeing.

TIL: Panel one is pretty neat, though it looks more like an apartment than a stately home.

It would be funny if the cops solved the case before Spider-Man, and at the rate Spider-Man is working, it's not out of the question.

TIL: Jonah in panel one.

Peter's jacket looks terrible. He should stick with the brown one.

TIL: The final panel, I guess.

How on Earth did Simon Krandis get to the position he is today if he develops crushes on rising starlets? Oh, wait, he has a thug. Nice to know they both think with their muscles.

TIL: Imagining what questions Mary Jane was asked to warrant that response.

"Put my plan to buy the Daily Bugle on hold, I'm in love!"

This is a terrible plot point.

TIL: Mary Jane looks vaguely like Magica DeSpell from "DuckTales".


Anonymous said...

So now the Persuader is going to become the Arranger, and if MJ falls for Krandis, he'll then become the Planner and the Caterer.
I'm hoping World War Hulk will somehow spill over into Spidey's "newspaper" life to cause this plot to fall by the wayside.

Anonymous said...

Is that supposed to be Oprah in the first panel?