Thursday, November 29, 2007

Introducing Our Guest Blogger...

Hello, folks! Land Captain here! After a stint as a character in this very comic strip, followed by random misadventures, I've finally gotten a chance to take a breather, and what happens to be in my inbox? An invitation from Mike P to guest-host this blog! Hope you like what I have to say. Now, let's take a look at today's comic strip:

There's my buddy Peter Parker, hiding behind a dumpster. He's really Spider-Man, you know. I'm sure he's just waiting for the right moment to jump out and knock that Persuader fellow out cold, especially since Mary Jane is being threatened. You know, back when I met Spider-Man in Los Angeles, he was after a large man in a suit named Kurt Kordok. Now he's going after another large man in a suit. That's an awfully big coincidence, right there, to travel across the country just to find out you'll be doing the exact same thing.

At least Maria Lopez isn't there. She's one step about super-villain in my book.

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