Sunday, November 04, 2007

Featuring the Enforcers

11/03: So the only reason today's strip exists is to inform Spider-Man of things we already knew, and inform us that Spider-Man has been informed of things we already knew, while I am informing you that Spider-Man has been informed of things that we already knew about.

TIL: The fact that everyone in the Spider-Verse seems to have an HDTV now.


Now it's sounding like Krandis and the Persuader wnat to kill Jonah. Not to mention that the Persuader has a Kingpin-esque build. You know, Stan Lee, I know you probably didn't want to use the eighties Persuader, but I could think of a group of ne'er-do-wells that YOU CREATED who would have been perfect for this storyline:



For those of you who don't know, the Enforcers are a group of thugs-for-hire whose three members are knowledgeable about all forms of hand-to-hand combat (Fancy Dan, who is also quite tiny), ridiculously strong (Ox), and... able to use a lasso effectively (Montana). There's also contortionist Snake Marston and boxer Hammer Harrison, who came much later. In any case, Simon Krandis could have hired the Enforcers to do pretty much what he's paying the Persuader to do, and it would be much better because he Enforcers are terrific. Unless the Persuader, who is promised to strike again at some point this week, proves to be a better character than he seems.

TIL: The fact that a single delivery truck is making such an uproar. It's not like anyone even died.


Aaron T. said...

I wonder how the real Persuader will feel about this big oaf stealing his name?

Aaron T. said...

Besides dead, I mean.

jvwalt said...

It's good to see Petey and MJ are still getting their mandatory 12 hours a day of TV watching -- and that Spider-Man is getting his news solely from the tube. I mean, really. Who needs a Fortress of Solitude or a Batcave when you've got Comcast Digital?