Sunday, April 06, 2008

Krandis the Escape Artist

04/05:Krandis could have pulled out that gun at any point while Spider-Man was gawking at the Persuader and shot him at close range. Instead, he waits until Spider-Man is done gawking and tries to escape BEFORE pulling out the gun. Heck, a smart thing to do (at least short-term) would be to shoot Mary Jane in the leg or some non-vital part so Spider-Man would have to save her, first, before going after Krandis. It'd all be moot in the end, though, since he would then be guilty of a myriad of crimes and would be on the run from a ticked-off Spider-Man.

04/06:Spider-Man is engaging is stupid platitudes now, and I can't think of who he sounds like. Not Mary Worth... oh wait. He sounds like the Hitchhiker, from the defunct HBO show of the same name. It's uncanny how similar Spider-Man's dialog from panels 4-6 sound like something the Hitchhiker would say. Also, note at this point that we've pretty much forgotten all about the Persuader. Poor guy. Now all we've got to look forward to is Krandis trying to bribe Spider-Man (conjectured from the NEXT box) and the in-strip wrap-up. I, for one, am glad this whole stupid storyline is drawing to a close.

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jvwalt said...

And Jimmy Godero is still on the lam...