Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Persuader: Joseph Krandis!

Hannerz got it closest, hypothesizing that the Simon Krandis was the Persuader's father. Good job.Anyway, now that Simon Krandis is suddenly remorseful that his brother (whom he was paying to be a thug, no less) is dead, he'll go along somewhat quietly. I'm sure the rest of the week will either feature the aftermath of Simon's confession and capture, or he'll prattle on about his mother and father wanting a better life or something. The only thing I'm confused about is why the Persuader (or Joseph Krandis, if you like) called his brother "Krandis" so often instead of Simon. Perhaps he had amnesia or something. We'll find out tomorrow, I guess.

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Unknown said...

Krandis sometimes forgot that the Persuader was his brother and didn't seem to be fazed by his death in any way until after Spidey and MJ spent several minutes watching the guy die, he failed to escape, and Spidey crushed his gun.

I don't buy it. Krandis is totally making crap up. He just wants to go down with a better story.

Mike Podgor said...

I can dig that.

Reggie White Jr. said...

Krandis gets a F+ in villainy but a A- for pulling crap out of his butt.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but pulling crap out of your butt is pretty easy... I mean, the stuff practically comes out on its own.