Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mary Jane Bombed

As mentioned in yesterday's comments, the fact that her movie is headlining the Hollywood Eye means a lot. Besides, at least it's getting released which means that the studio thinks it'll be able to make some money. Also, how does Peter know how she was in the movie? He wasn't there, deigning to mope around Los Angeles and getting into shenanigans instead of following his wife to her movie shoot.

I do like Peter's determined look, and that little exclamation point. I like it because he intends to do something about this, but I am at a lost to know what. Oh, what if the Vulture is behind all of this? We haven't seen him at all this week, and we've only two days until the next 'NEXT' box. He should be showing up soon.


jvwalt said...

I'm struck by the exclamation mark and Peter's annoyed expression in panel 3. If there was a thought balloon, I think it'd say something like, "Hey, why are we wasting all this time on YOUR problems? What about me? I'm missing my favorite program! And besides, this costume chafes!"

Anonymous said...

You would think with all the drama surrounding Mary Jane, the whole "daring" escape from an evil rich billionaire's secret lair with the help of Spiderman, would be enough free publicity for the movie to be released in the theater. But apparently those fat-cat movie execs hate her and want her movie career to fail.

Reggie White Jr. said...

Martin, what you say reminds me very much of Joe Q's opinion on the Spider-Marriage.

Tommy said...

The movie studio is actually run by Gregory Bestman's 2nd-cousin!

There! Motive!! (Yes, I made that up, but major lulz if it happened.)