Sunday, April 13, 2008

Promises of the Vulture

Notable things about this strip:
1) Peter and Mary Jane don't care about the secret identity thing.
2) We're moving right along into the next storyline, featuring the Vulture. It should be the real Vulture, too, and not some thug in a suit.


Unknown said...

OH! So this is why everyone things that Spiderman and MJ are having an affair. That is pathetic, because MJ is supposed to be an actress. She can't even act to save her (or apparently her husband's) life. The next super villain should be watching from a tree and devise this cool plan to use MJ as leverage to find Spiderman's Secret identity.

Unknown said...

Their mutual concern for each other's lives got them so hot that they nearly started making out through Spidey's mask.

A mask that probably has debris and dirt and junk from that explosion still on it.


Reggie White Jr. said...

Was MJ about to kiss Peter with his mask on?

Ah, the Vulture. He should be smarter than Krandis.

Anonymous said...

Hey what's up Reggie! Sano from SRK here!

And ah, I was hoping they would reveal how the Persuader had super strength. Oh well. I liked Spidey and MJ rushing to the same door with Persuader getting there first. Pretty cool. What I didn't like is spies seeing Spidey enter Pete and MJ's house, his Spider sense should warn him of that stuff IMHO. Ah well, still not a bad story overall. GO MARRIED SPIDEY GO! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Oh hey wait a second! After some thought, I figured that what if the people who spied on Spider-Man going into Peter and MJ's house used some technology akin to how the Green Goblin and Mysterio use to shut down Spider-Man's Spider Sense on themselves and that's why his Spider Sense didn't alert him to the fact that he was being spied on! I FIGURED IT OUT! Where's my No-Prize LOL! Ah, now it's time for some culture with the Vulture who I'm gonna read using Robert Englund's voice in my head just like the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon. IT'S A BRAND NEW MARRIED DAY HELL YEAH SPIDEY FOREVER! - Sano of