Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mary Jane: Not a Star

I think they may have hit a snag when they had Mary Jane Parker headline the movie. After all, this is her first film and putting all the attention on an unknown is an unwise thing to do in Hollywood. MJ shouldn't be sad, though, she can have a rich, full life starring in Full Moon movies and Sci-Fi Channel originals.


jvwalt said...

Two observations:

First, if "Hollywood Eye" (good name for a super-villain if Petey and MJ ever return to LA) is front-paging the news about the "MJ Parker Movie," then her career ain't over yet. Now, if it's on page 42 in tiny print, then yes, it's time to make like Lindsay Lohan and go topless to "prove I'm a serious actress."

Second, if that last panel is an example of the thespian talents of our heroine, then yes, her career is definitely, definitely dead.

Unknown said...

Don't forget Lifetime Originals. All she has to do for every movie is come with a few bruises on her face from the latest beating from the latest evil villain kidnapping so she can play the latest cruelly abused woman.

Unknown said...

I know, she obviously doesn't know a thing about know anything about acting, or common sense. Has she heard of the phrase 'try, try again?' I guess not. I wonder what would happen if she didn't get a part in a play, the whole world must fall apart!

Anonymous said...

LOL they put a straight to DVD release in big capital letters on the front page ha ha the writers of Hollywood Eye secretly they love Mary Jane just like the rest of us. - Sano of