Monday, April 28, 2008

Vulture TV

All right, I'm going to have to say that Peter Parker should get out of the house a heck of a lot more. Yes, being told that super-villains are amok through television makes sense for the narrative of the comic strip, but it's painting Peter as one lazy guy. What happened to the Spider-Man who used to swing about the city, occasionally fighting a roaming super-villain? That is the man I want to see in this comic strip. I want him to be out on the street, one of the first to find out. Today's example is by far the worse, because the Vulture has probably been on the loose for six hours already and Peter is just now finding this out. My goodness.

As for the news itself, I must say that the Vulture's escape was not amazing in the least. This is not because of the slap-dash approach to planning it. No, I can accept that. Super-villains generally think only one or two steps ahead, which is why Electro robs banks. No, the reason this is not amazing is because he is, in fact, the Vulture. As such, one should expect a man like that to be able to build a flying machine and use it for the purpose of escaping prison. A much better adjective would be "daring". It would have been amazing if the Vulture had instead rigged up some sort of electromagnetic pulse emitter and used it to disable the security systems, allowing him to escape. Saying someone is amazing for doing something they do all the time is redundant.


Unknown said...

To be fair, this strip has already devalued the word "amazing" on the basis of being called "The Amazing Spider-Man." Considering that Spider-Man's "amazing" activities today consist of falling asleep while trying to comfort his wife and then watching a little TV, I think the bar is certainly low enough for "flying guy flies out of prison" to count.

Anonymous said...

Gee, it's a good thing there was apparently a TV news crew on the scene, the instant the Vulture busted out.

And that apparently, "Lefty" is invisible to TV cameras.

Anonymous said...

"Midnight in Manhattan!"

Why is Petey staying up so late just watching television? New York One isn't that great

Unknown said...

The Vulture proves that the bar is also set very low for using the term "Super Villain." Seriously, the guy builds set of wings, and suddenly he's a Super Villain? I thought Super Villains would have super powers. It seems the only thing Drago is super at is building a working pair of wings. Does that make the Wright Brothers super villains?

Mike Podgor said...

The Vulture is a super-villain because he has a fiendishly clever mind that he uses to further his own evil goals.