Monday, January 28, 2008

The Amazing Spider-Plan

Peter is especially oblivious in this installment, probably replying on auto-pilot while perusing the paper and sipping his coffee. Meanwhile, Mary Jane is in her cheesecake outfit and gushing about her good review. I guess this is why they have no kids: Mary Jane has to blindside him when he comes home to make him notice her.

Mary Jane is understandably concerned at how excited her husband is at the mention of Jimmy Godero, especially considering yesterday's strip. Peter looks quite mischevious in the first panel, as well, probably adding to her apprehension.

Why, it's the Amazing Spider-Plan! (badum kish). Other than that, I got nothing.

Peter's smug indicates that the last thing he cares about is Mary Jane's play. Poor Mary Jane. I do like her green trench-coat, though. It's snazzy.

Uh oh, evil is afoot! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL! Spider-Man should have given Jimmy Godero a signal bracelet, too.


Today, we see yesterday's final panel expand into five other panels! My god, but isn't that amazing?

You know, in order to keep Godero safe, they could have just put Spider-Man in the truck and left Godero at the prison. Just sayin'.

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