Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Krandis Konfrontation

The Persuader obviously can't dish it out as well as he can take it. At least, against an opponent who can actually fight back. Oh, and I love the last panel.


You know, I kind of wish Mary Jane did go homicidal and attack Spider-Man every so often. It'd spice things up a bit, to be certain.


I'm not sure why Simon Krandis would call her "MJ" and think it's okay. Seems a bit uppity, that does. I do like Simon Krandis's evening wear, though.


So Mary Jane changed from a pink v-neck shirt to a pink turtleneck shirt. Oh, and Simon Krandis has splendid taste in evening wear. Ah, and he looks vaguely like a fat Owl. At least, before the Owl turned all creepy looking.


It would be funny if Mary Jane had Simon Krandis arrested for attempted sexual assault or something, thereby ending this whole storyline. Oh, or maybe a restraining order and then he could violate the order. They should just make the whole strip more like "Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane", actually.


Wait, Simon Krandis doesn't look like the Owl. He looks like Grandpa Munster, except with a bad comb-over instead of a widow's peak.

01/14:I'll say this for Simon Krandis: he has nerves of steel, poking Spider-Man like that.

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Tommy said...

Who is this old fart, Jonathon Caesar's Uncle?