Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Plot... MOVES

01/15:Simon Krandis is obviously exaggerating, as he seems the type to go into women's locker rooms demanding one of them go out with him. Spider-Man may also be underselling Krandis's intelligence. In any case, he's forgetting he just stood his wife up on her opening night. Good job, Spidey. Obviously, that great responsibility you have doesn't cover your responsibilities as a spouse.


I gather they usually succumb to the thuggish brute that arrives and informs them that Mister Krandis would like their company, because threats are obviously the way to a woman's heart. Or perhaps they enjoy the fact that you ignore their personal space and whatnot by barging into their rooms and stuff. Krandis could probably be jailed at this point from the trespassing and sexual coercion charges alone.

Also: I like Krandis's pouty face.


It's so late at night that the sky is especially bright. Either that or it's some sort of reverse-eclipse.


I really like how Peter and Mary Jane are really worried that the world will piece together that Spider-Man and Mary Jane have something going on, yet they pull stuff like this. Now, if they lived somewhere like Cleveland, I could understand that there might be no people on the street. I've seen it happen. In New York, though, the city that traditionally never sleeps? There'd be a whole crowd of people around watching Spider-Man pick up Mary Jane and twirl her around or whatever he's doing.

Is... is he going to toss her up in the air and catch her on the way down?


I've never heard of Mary Jane getting airsick before, and I'm sure that we would have heard something due to the fact that she and Peter recently went on a round-trip to Los Angeles. More likely, she remembered they were trying to keep their relationship a secret and used this as a flimsy pretext to avoid drawing attention to themselves. She most likely did this so we wouldn't have to spend a week reading about Peter whining about Mary Jane refusing his invitation.


"It was a good night, except for the fact that you and Simon Krandis put undue stress on me."

In that first panel on the bottom there... is that the symbiote popping up behind Peter? I mean, they didn't expect us to forget that Peter was Spider-Man in the two panels since he took off his mask but retained the rest of his costume, did they? Or are we supposed to interpret that as the spectre of Spider-Man looming over their relationship since Peter is seemingly incapable of not drawing attention to it? Which would make no sense, since she's talking about Simon Krandis in that panel.

On a good note, I like how Peter's mask looks sort of like a Pac-Man ghost in the middle-bottom panel.


Ah yes, the bracelet which allows Spider-Man's Gal-Pal to summon him. I hope she actually uses it at some point soon for something more than breakfast in bed. Also, what the heck is Mary Jane talking about? She got rid of Simon Krandis herself! And Peter sounds like a tool for using "'twas", though if I could get away with doing so socially I would. Hm... what if I did this whole blog in Shakespearean-style for a week? Hmm...

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Tommy said...


He got that food ready fast!

And no one's ordered out for Krandis before? Guess he must have top notch chefs at...oh!...Ordered out of a room before!!! Man, this guy must be a hoot at strip joints!