Saturday, January 19, 2008

Oh my Goodness! Action!

As usual, the "Thing I Liked" comment will go away until I'm through the moderately small amount of back-log.

The fact that the Persuader is paying someone to burn the Daily Bugle trucks sort of detracts from his whole character. I mean, he's not persuading anyone to do anything, or even strong-arming them into doing it. Granted, you could say that he's using the money to persuade, but I'm not sure that strictly counts.

Now we find out why Spider-Man deemed this Daily Bugle truck so important. If he hadn't, he would never have found the Persuader. So he missed his wife's play, so what? At least he might nab a crook or two.


Spider-Man did something similar, but much more destructive than this, nearly a year ago. Last time, we were immediately graced with the Land Captain. I doubt we will be so lucky this time.


Spider-Man is, of course, referring to our old friend the King of the Newspaper Jockies. I also like how the strip has been sort of exciting for the past two days, though that fact is diminished by the weeks of tedium we had to go through to get to this point. On another note, the Persuader's friend looks sort of like a crew-cut Weasel.


So now we learn that the Persuader, originally thought to be some big thug with a moderate amount of strength, actually has super-strength. He would have to, since Spider-Man's webbing has been proven to be able to hold pretty much anyone. Not to mention the fact that he knocked down a lamppost.

Spider-Man is actually in danger! Yowza!


Now we have Spider-Man actually using physical force on someone. It'll probably be over soon, though, regrettably.


jvwalt said...

Gettin' bonked by a lamppost really isn't something that should be happening to a superhero with Spidey-Sense. He certainly has frequent and convenient Spidey-Sense outages whenever it helps add a little faux tension to the proceedings.

Tommy said...


I just find that so funny. Poor Spidey.