Friday, April 04, 2008

The Persuader: Now Actually Dead

Huh. So the Persuader wasn't dead yet. He could have spoken up and maybe someone could have done something for him. If not save his life, then at least get him a pillow or something. Spider-Man just had to get the last word in, though.

Also, Simon Krandis has the right idea. He just should have put it into effect when Spider-Man and Mary Jane were first distracted by the Persuader, not when they're done with him.

Ah, and Spider-Man had another cameo yesterday:Won't little Jeffy be surprised when he learns that Spider-Man makes deals with the devil?


Anonymous said...

The ways electrocution typically kills are through ventricular fibrillation (your heart stops beating effectively) or deep tissue burns. It's not really clear what damage Persuader suffered, if afterward he's talking one second and then dead the next.

Anonymous said...

I love how they just sorta stand around, staring blankly, while the Persuader cashes out. Apparently, Peter Parker has the proportionate inability to apply CPR of a spider.

SamKerby said...

ok, your response to the family circus strip just about made me spit up my coffee. HAHAHA stop doing that.

Unknown said...

Remember when comic book heroes would get into fights with a villain, where at the end, the villain would completely screw up his "final blow" which would cause the villain to be put in a dire situation where he would request the hero to suddenly save his life, and the hero would go out of his way to actually SAVE the guy who was just trying to kill him? And this would just prove how truly heroic the hero is; that ANY life, no matter how evil or rotten, is worth preserving.

Well, thank god we're past that now.

Remember what Uncle Ben Parker always said, "With great power comes mediocre apathy."

jvwalt said...

Okay, so Krandis is deep in his villain's lair hatching this nefarious plot, and he doesn't have a GUN????

Well, I guess Spidey will win this one. He's stupid, but Krandis is way stupider. Feh.

Reggie White Jr. said...

I'm kinda surprised Krandis was smart enough to head for the hills.

Your comment on the Family Circus comic is funny. =)

Anonymous said...

dlauthor: Did you see my comment on yesterday's strip? I made the same CPR joke. :)

jvwalt said...

...and in the Saturday strip, Krandis pulls out a gun! Only four days late, and when Spidey has him backed into a corner. Stupid, stupid villain. A falling brick is the only thing that can save him now.


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