Sunday, April 20, 2008

Not Toomes

It's good to see Peter taking care of his significant other. It really is, I'm being serious. However, it seems that we're not getting the Adrian Toomes Vulture. It looks more like Blackie Drago, maybe. I hope this gets cleared up soon.


Tommy said...

Damn right nothing will stop Pete from being Spider-Man.

Everytime he quits, he unquits. It's a yearly ritual.

And hell, that may not even be Blackie Drago so much as a random member of the Vulturions. Q_o

J Doe said...

Think how the extras in the movie must feel. Also, don't super villains have secret identities, too? So shouting out that the Vulture will fly again tonight in a place where they can easily watch over you would be a bad idea.

Reggie White Jr. said...

Who the heck is that chap in prison? Last I checked, Vultchy was bald!

Anonymous said...

That's right nothing will stop him from taking care of his wife, not even a deal with Mephisto! Man this is the REAL Spider-Man and not the Skrull currently found in Marvel comics. GO MARRIED SPIDEY GO!