Monday, October 30, 2006

Metapost: New Links

As you can see, a preliminary list of links has been added to the sidebar. If you've read this post on my other Blog, then you can safely skip this one, as I copy-pasted the post into the two Blogs. I shall now expound upon the links:

BC (Blasted Cavemen!) is a Blog dedicated to the comic strip "BC", and is much like this one. Therefore, you may want to avoid it.
Green Circle is a cyber-comic which I do the art and writing for. So it's my webcomic, is what I'm saying. It features the little green fellow who is currently my profile picture, among other creatures.
The Meekrat Entertainment Group is the saddest of Internet phenomenon: a web site currently without purpose. I do not know what it will be used for, save that it will be used for something.
Retro AOMP is a collection of sprite comics I did nearly ten years ago. It too features the green fellow among other creatures.

The remaining two sites in the first list of links are not mine, but I do things for them.
Spider-Fan is, in my opinion, the best Spider-Man site on the Internet. It has character bios, detailed reviews of nearly all Spider-Man comic appearances, and various other things which are also quite nifty. I submit reviews and am the Fans Sub-Section Editor for it.
Zounds! is my friend's site. It is still in its early stages, and wants to be a site dedicated to science fiction. I did a good deal of the preliminary HTML and graphic design for it.

The other list, of course, is a bunch of Blogs.
The Comics Curmudgeon is the premiere site for humorous comic strip reviews. However, while I choose to focus on two strips, the whole comics page is the Curmudgeon's domain.
Dave's Long Box is dedicated to comic books, but makes infrequent forays into movies. As the title suggests, Dave reviews his comic books. He does this in a funny way.
FredSez is the personal Blog of comicsmith Fred Hembeck. He's the one who draws swirly knees.
Jabootu's Bad Blogging Dimension deals mostly with movies, both good and bad. However, it makes infrequent forays into comic books.
Joe Mathlete Explains Today's Marmaduke is fairly self-explanatory.
The Silent Penultimate Panel Watch is dedicated to the idea that the next-to-last panel of a comic strip should not be wordless.
Silver Age Comics is an informative Blog dealing with many facets of the silver age of comics.
Yet Another Comics Blog is what it purports to be: yet another comics blog.

I will most likely add more links in the future, as is my wont. I have bookmarks folders bursting with the things.

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