Sunday, October 22, 2006

Jonah Jameson Vs. Gravity

Doctor Octopus has fuzzy motives. If I remember correctly, his whole reason for robbing that armored truck was to lure Spider-Man out. Doc Ock would then kill Spider-Man, at least according to the plan. As it is, Jonah Jameson is paying for his crime of getting too close to the action and the television media people are paying for their crime of trying to scoop Jameson. Spider-Man saves everyone, but in the process Doc Ock merely leaves instead of using one of his tentacles to knock off Spider-Man's head while he was saving Jonah. You'd think these super-villains didn't really want to kill their arch-foes due to all the wasted opportunities.

I had also completely forgotten about Spider-Man's wife, seen here watching the battle. Usually, she has red hair but recently started wearing a blonde wig so she and her husband could sight-see incognito. She needs a disguise, you see, because she's a famous movie star now and the reason the Parkers (Spider-Man=Peter Parker, as the first two panels tell us) are in California.

Wait a second, that explains why the Parkers are in California. Why is Doctor Octopus there? Other than the fact that Stan Lee needs him in California to fight Spider-Man. Hopefully, the answer will come shortly.

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