Monday, October 16, 2006

Jonah Jameson Vs. the Lenscap!

Before we begin, a helpful tip: never start a Blog about a serial in the middle of a storyline. Now then, we join J. Jonah Jameson (esteemed publisher of the Daily Bugle) and Mary Jane Watson-Parker (wife of Peter Parker, Spider-Man and aspiring actress) as they sit on the sidelines and watch Spider-Man battle his archenemy, Doctor Octopus. Instead of showing us the fight directly, however, all we get is a silhouette of the combatants and the (more exciting?) battle between Jonah and the lenscap to a camera he bought to take pictures of the battle. While some may call it an exercise in artistry, it is easily recognizable that the person drawing the strip (Larry Lieber?) did not want to spend time drawing Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus engaged in battle. Whether this is laziness or a desire to tone down the violence in the strip is unknown. Actually, here's a hint: it's not the second one.

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