Monday, October 30, 2006

From Here On Out...

There's many ways it could go from here. Here's how I want it to go:
Doctor Octopus, who is still on the loose, comes up with the scheme to kidnap rising starlet Mary Jane Watson-Parker in order to lure Spider-Man out into the open. To accomplish this with considerably more tact than his recent armored truck robbery, he disguises himself in a long trench coat and a wide-brimmed hat and infiltrates the fans which have no doubt surrounded the Parker's west coast headquarters. Doc Ock makes his way into the Parker's apartment, where Peter cannot do anything as it would give away his identity as Spider-Man, and he cannot immediately follow Doc Ock as the fans and paparazzi would also give this secret away. So Spider-Man has to search California, possibly in a race against time, to find his wife and defeat the foe who kidnapped her. This storyline would end with the studio cancelling yet another of Mary Jane's projects, and wanting to make a movie about Spider-Man with Mary Jane's nemesis from the previous storyling taking the part of Mary Jane. Spider-Man, of course, would refuse, and the Parkers would return to New York while being happy with what they have.

However, this is probably what's going to happen:
No mention of Doctor Octopus and his escape, while we follow a storyline where Spider-Man does not do anything remotely super-heroic. Perhaps heroic, but not super-heroic. While this is happening, Mary Jane would continue making her movie.

Spider-Man: The superhero strip with more soap than super.

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