Thursday, October 26, 2006

Lazy Octopus

Jesus Christ, Doctor Octopus, couldn't you have at least made an attempt to get back to your hideout? You're hiding behind a chimney across the street from your archfoe. As for you, Spider-Man, if you got off your lazy butt and went after Doctor Octopus instead of schmoozing with the media, you'd be able to get Doc Ock. The best part is that, on the rooftop, there wouldn't be anyone to get in your way. Seriously, you two are the laziest superhero and supervillian on the comics page. At least Mary Worth and her cadre drove her nemesis to drive drunk.


James Matthews said...

Why didn't they have Doc Ock watching the Spidey interview on his TV set? That way, he'd be at a safe distance.

Mike Podgor said...

I think Doc Ock destroyed his TV set in a fit of rage earlier. Still, if the man is such a hardned criminal he could have stolen another one on the way back to his hideout. Or, maybe, Doc Ock just wanted to witness the magic of newscasting.