Tuesday, October 17, 2006

At Long Last...

At long last, after about two and a half years of Spider-Man doing nothing more exciting than trying to get insurance, we get an honest to God superhero/supervillian fight. This isn't just Spider-Man versus some lame villian like the Shocker or Trapster, either. He's fighting Doctor Octopus. Not only is Spider-Man fighting Doc Ock, but Spidey is also dishing out some of his patented but not-that-witty "web-zingers". I realize that by using the phrase "web-zinger", I have no room to talk about things being witty, but as a Blogger, I am above such laws. Anyway, here's hoping the next week or so is dedicated to super-fisticuffs and not Jonah struggling to get the lenscap off of his camera, or Mary Jane trying to sightsee unseen. Or, indeed, Peter Parker trying to get medical insurance.

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