Thursday, December 28, 2006


While I was adding tags, I realized that the week and a half when I chose to hiatus could not have come at a worst time. So, I've come back to post that which I did not post before!
12/26/2006:Technically, the tentacle was already freed. Just a jumbled mess. You'd think being a doctor would enable him to know this.

12/27/2006:This is not so far from the canonical depiction of Doctor Octopus. All of the man's offensive and defensive power come from his tentacles, and I believe Spider-Man finally beat him in their first encounter with a blow to the jaw.

12/28/2006:You guys are in a building, and you could easily catch him if you tried, Jonah. You won't, though, because if there's no Spider-Man for you to complain about your paper is dead.

Jonah looks so sad that the camera was busted. Surely the blow didn't damage the film inside, or anything, considering how I doubt Mary Jane could summon up the physical force required to do such a thing.

12/30/2006:Conniving is not something you can take a picture of. At the very least, it's clearly not what Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus were doing.

So the Jameson-Lopez team splits up. It was disgusting and horrible while it lasted.

01/01/2007:Hooray, I guess.

01/02/2007:Jameson is bitter when he's been dumped. Extra-bitter with a side order of WHINE.

01/03/2007:This is pretty much how this always works itself out. Jameson fires Peter, then wants him back, and Peter always wants a raise. You'd think by now he'd be paid better than Jonah himself.

01/04/2007:Ah, this is how Jameson weasels out of this. He just gives Peter a one-time bonus. Fair enough, though.

01/05/2007:I like this development a lot.

01/06/2007:Hopefully Jonah can hire someone who can help him get the photos to New York in a jiffy, through the Internet. The man has trouble with a lens-cap, so a scanner would be a Gordion knot to him.

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