Monday, December 04, 2006

Impatient Octopus

Sorry, but I completely forgot that I didn't do today's post yet. In any case, here it is. As pointed out by Ken Begg, the elapsed time between Doctor Octopus scooping up Peter Parker and him scooping up Mary Jane is about, oh, maybe fifteen minutes. He's only had Mary Jane for maybe five of those minutes. This proves that one of Doctor Octopus's traits is not patience. However, I have noticed a fatal flaw in Ock's plan: at no point has he demanded anything from the terrified movie-makers and tourists. I don't recall him shouting, "You there! Alert the media that I want Spider-Man in exchange for Mary Jane Watson and her husband!" A note to Doctor Octopus: Just because the fifth bullet point on your plan says "Spider-Man arrives" does not mean he will magically do so. You must take some steps to make it so instead of just having faith that it will happen, or that someone will just take it upon themselves to alert someone. Even then, it's only been like a minute or so.

I would also like to note that I prefer the colors used in the daily strips compared to those of the Sunday one. Mary Jane's Sunday "Marvella" costume just seems to have far too many clashing colors, while I really dislike Peter's powder blue jacket.

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