Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Distinguished Competition

I'm enjoying these little references to the company Stan Lee used to refer to as Marvel's "Distinguished Competition" (Adam West counts as one) but couldn't he say something about Marvel? I mean, they're in Hollywood right now. Simon Williams (Wonder Man) is a superhero/actor. The Parkers could meet up with him. The closest we've gotten to anything like that is Spider-Man's run-in with Ghost Rider from about a month ago, but that doesn't count because it was a stunt-man.

As for today's comic, I'm glad the police have arrived to keep the public out. However, shouldn't they be doing something other than that? Like trying to rescue the two hostages the super-villain has? Then again, if anything happened to Ock, his tentacles would probably either constrict and crush the Parkers, or let them drop to the ground which would just injure them. Speaking of tentacles, the one holding Peter looks like it's about to drop him.

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