Monday, December 11, 2006

Continued Stories

We get it, Peter. It was all a plan so you could save your wife. You should really be telling your wife, as Mary Jane seems to not have a lot of faith in you at the moment. Perhaps you shouldn't have tried to trick Doctor Octopus by shouting, "I WANT TO LIVE! THROW HER FIRST!" The good Doctor isn't without his flaws, as his sole line is simply terrible. How would Mary Jane start any stories at the moment, seeing as how she's being held by a steel tentacle? Are you going to let her fetch a book or magazine, Doc Ock? Would you give her time to read one story, and one story only? Is that why it can't be continued? I think perhaps you should just put her down, go home, and sleep for a bit, Doctor Octopus. You're making very little sense.

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Ken Begg said...

To my horror, I believe Doc Ock is, in the last panel, attempting to punctuate his 'quip' by doing that "Oh, SNAP!" manuever.
I guess with all that TV time he logs, it was only a matter of time before he caught a Queen Latifah movie.