Friday, January 26, 2007

Kurt Kordok?

Well, it's not Kingpin and it's not Hammerhead. It's some new guy named Kurt Kordok, as you can see. What do we know about this newcomer?
1) He intimidates his hired thugs through violence
2) There is no themed-dress in his syndicate. Unlike some crime bosses who would enact an all-1920's Gangster dress code (Hammerhead) or a Modern-era Mobster dress code (Kingpin), Kordok does not seem to care. We've seen a pirate, a common thug, and now this Jimmy Olsen-like fellow above.
3) He's either quite bulky or quite fat. Perhaps both, which would mean he's weaseling in on the Kingpin's territory.
4) The man does not have the speech patterns of a cultured mafioso.

All in all, I'd say Kordok does not think things through (abusing henchmen is a sure way to receive a comeuppance later) and has no need for the theatrical (like themed dress codes). While the common thugs he hires are no doubt afraid of crossing him, Spider-Man should have little to no problem taking him down. Unless Kordok turns out to be the Kingpin in disguise, which might be the case, considering the pair's similar builds.

Voting in the poll ends tomorrow, so get those votes in! Currently, it's amazingly tied.

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