Sunday, January 28, 2007

Marvella Vs. Marvella: The Poll

One week ago, more or less, I asked you to vote for your preferred Marvella color scheme, and six of you voted. That's about six more people than I expected, so I'm rather pleased with that. However, six is an even number. This would not be a problem, except three people voted for each color scheme, which means that either this poll extends for another week or I cast the tie-breaking vote. I shall opt to do the second, at the end of this post.

The most striking thing to me about the two Marvella costumes is how much they remind me of Daredevil's two most well-known costumes, seen to the left. This is probably just a fluke, but an interesting fluke nonetheless. Design-wise, the Marvella costume is typical super-hero fare: flowing cape, buccaneer boots and gloves, and a symbol across the chest. I really thought I run with this a bit longer, but my mind is drawing a blank as to how long I can talk about a woman's costume and make it seem interesting. In that case, let us go onward to my voting.

WHile both costumes have their pros and cons, I must say the Sunday one simply strikes me as an atrocious color-scheme. The weekday one, however, pleases my feeble sense of fashionable costumes a great deal more. What I'm getting at is that I vote for the weekday costume, and therefore it's the winner. Congratulations, weekday costume.

Speaking of costumes, I just read "Civil War Front Line" #10 and Speedball's new costume concept is like the creepiest thing I've read in a Marvel or DC Comic. It gives me shivers just thinking about it. The bad kind of shivers. Ah, and if you enjoyed this poll and would like me to do more of them in the future, just let me know through email, an instant messenger, or even in the comments section. The same goes for the opposite: if you hated the poll, let me know!

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