Monday, January 29, 2007


Yesterday's comments are equally valid here. Though I would like to remark that Maria Lopez's claim in panel three reminds me of the "Amazing Mister Brisby" episode of the cartoon "Venture Brothers", in which a paramilitary group from California was dedicated to eradicating the Disneyland-like park in the episode because of all the land and money it sucked up. A small bit of research shows that this paramilitary group was just an exaggerated version of some California residents' complaints about the park. Therefore, it stands to reason that if Spider-Man is the best thing to happen to California since Disneyland, that's still not entirely good.

Me? I am all about Disney, especially its ducks. So I would think Spider-Man and Disneyland are the bee's knees, if I was a character in this strip.

EDIT: I figured out today that this was the hundredth post! Hooray!


jvwalt said...

I love Peter's manly, bulked-up way of wielding a remote control! Take THAT, J. Jonah!

Anonymous said...

Once again, the colouring is all screwed up from weekday to weekend. Everyone's outfits changed (unless there was some time lapse between Sunday's comic and today's), and the lettering behind JJJ changed colour. It's the little know?
I agree with the comment about Sunday's sloppy spacing. You can drive a truck through those gaps.

Mike Podgor said...

There really should be a coloring guide shared between the Sunday and Weekday colorists.

Anonymous said...

Since when did the daily strips become color. I thought only the Sunday strips were in color.

Mike Podgor said...

The weekday strips are made in black and white, but some syndicates and newspapers colorize them. For example, on the Houston Chronicle site the strips appear in color, but in my paper "Spider-Man" is in black and white. He's also relegated to the classifieds section along with "Judge Parker".