Sunday, January 28, 2007

Jonah's Way

I was hoping to see more of Kurt Kordok today, but I guess I'll settle for the ongoing exploits of Jonah Jameson, Boy Pundit and his arch-nemesis, Maria Lopez... er... I can't think of anything witty to call her. Which is probably what Stan Lee thought when he was writing this strip and had to name Jonah's show. "LA My Way"? Hopefully its theme song is the song "My Way", as sung by Jonah Jameson. He's the self-proclaimed King of All Media, so why not?

I have to say, despite everything, I have a certain amount of admiration for Jonah. No matter how many tell him he's wrong and no matter how man times he's been proven wrong, he stands by his belief that Spider-Man is a threat and/or menace. That takes moxie, my friends.


Anonymous said...

Why are the Sunday panels so sloppy? I remember when John Romita Sr. was working on the strip, those panels where perfectly alligned. The strip just seems like a mess. Somebody get these guess a ruler so that they can measure out their working space.

Anonymous said... should read...

Somebody get these GUYS a ruler so that they can measure out their working space.

Sorry for the spelling error.

jvwalt said...

What the hell is a "hot tin web," aside from a bizarrely mixed metaphor?