Thursday, January 25, 2007

Is It Kingpin?

If the crime boss is punching a wall in anger at the web-slinger, then chances are the pair have some sort of history. It could just be some guy Spider-Man caught once, but hopefully it's the Kingpin. If it is the Kingpin, I hope the coloring people color him correctly. The man has a look, after all. Also, I'm a little concerned that Spider-Man feels the need to make conversation with petty thugs.

Now, the daily reminder of the poll. There it was. Two more days until the votes are tallied.


Anonymous said...

I say it's Hammerhead. Kingpin would pound down. Hammerhead would pound vertically

Anonymous said...

Yeah, same for me. It looks and feels like Hammerhead. Or maybe a big surprise after all... we'll see

jvwalt said...

Whoever it is, is either impervious to injury and pain, or really stupid. If you're going to pound a wall, don't do it knuckles-first. The anonymous fist in panel 3 almost certainly has multiple fractures now.