Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Jameson Arrives on the Scene!

So the media has a quicker response time than the authorities? In any case, this means that soon, both plotlines will be wrapped up. Jonah Jameson and Mario Lopez look a bit scruffy coming out of the back of that news van, though. Doctor Octopus simply looks peeved, and he can't sit still. Here's an idea, Doc: go find Spider-Man yourself! Carrying the Parker couple can't be that much of a drain on you if you're using your remaining two tentacles to grab onto what appears to be a wall that's quickly coming apart.

Notice the guard in the first panel, lying a puddle of something. What is in that puddle? Considering he was smacked with a metal tentacle, I'm guessing blood.


Anonymous said...

At first I was just disgusted that Stan would have a guard lying in blood in the comic, but upon closer inspection it seems to be a guy running with a movie spotlight behind him. I've been by some spotlights like that, they seem pretty big to me, so the perspective seems to be out of whack, that guy must then be about 9 feet tall. Why doesn't he save Peter and Mary Jane? Nine foot tall guys usually equal super strength in comicland.
Or maybe you were just being funny and sarcastic in your post. Then I feel stupid for pointing it out at all. ;-)

Mike Podgor said...

I was not being sarcastic, as I'm honestly unsure if that's blood or not. Also, nine foot guys in comic-land do equal superhero. Just look at Giant-Man and the late (Black) Goliath. Their sole power was being able to grow to somewhat massive heights.