Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Big Catch-Up, Week Three: The Author of this Blog is a Lazy Jerk?

With this set of strips, our hero confronts the nefarious Shocker in a battle to end all battles! Also, the today's lesson segment will take a brief vacation for reasons known only to it.

Oh, like no one saw him change and swing away! Especially since he swung RIGHT OVER THEIR HEADS. The only way this could work is if all those fans have super-human focus on Mary Jane.

TIL: It looks like Peter is getting punched in the face in panel one.


That action figure looks quite shoddy. Unless it's a doll, in which case it looks pretty decent. That guy in the third panel of the second row, however, looks like a creepy pervert. That, my friends, is the worst kind of pervert. Also: who's talking in the last panel? Following the narrative leads us to believe it's Spider-Man, whom by this point is blocks away. Common sense dictates that it can't be him, since he is blocks away and it's a speech bubble, not a thought bubble. Unless, of course, he has the proportionate ventriloquism skill of a spider.

TIL: The fact that the fan has destroyed the Marvella action figure's Mint-In-Box status and will soon forfeit its pretty-decent-still status by having someone write on it. Why couldn't she have just had Mary Jane sign the box it came in?

The police in Beverly Hills are so highly trained, it would seem, that they instinctively know which mansion is being robbed. They have mansion-sense.

TIL: The cop tossing out his donut. HA HA, COMEDY GOLD!

First off, I am sick to death of Stan Lee using the "WHILE..." narration box. It should be "meanwhile," darn it! "While" doesn't look OR sound right, though I'm unsure as to whether or not it's accepted by most people as an able substitute for "meanwhile."

Secondly, I like how they finally explained how Spider-Man was getting around California without the aid of skyscrapers. jeez. I kind of did this in the actual post.

As if we need any more proof that Maria Lopez is a freaking maniac, she appears today with a manic look on her face speeding after Spider-Man. While she is a reporter, one must wonder what makes her and Jonah go after super-villains. Don't they have any sort of pattern recognition skills? It never goes well for them.

TIL: The disembodied hands steering the car in panel three.

...Dara Dorset? What are the odds?!

TIL: The first panel is delightfully hard to interpret. Did Shocker bust through an outside fence to get to an outside pool, or a wall to get to an indoor pool? Only Stan Lee knows for sure.

09/14:Again? I don't think there was ever a time when the Shocker beat Spider-Man. Shocker also proves he's still awfully slow on the uptake. Why the heck else would Spider-Man be there, you bozo?

TIL: The Shocker's refusal to let go of his loot. Now that's dedication.


PapaFrita said...

Wait, why are Maria and Jonas in L.A.? Has everything that's been happening in the past three months been shifted to LA from New York and I'm just terrible at paying attention?

jvwalt said...

Spidey's line, "You've been a naughty little Shocker," somehow puts me in mind of Larry Craig's retrospectively funny comments on the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal: "The American people already know that Bill Clinton is a bad boy, a naughty boy. I'm going to speak out for the citizens of my state, who in the majority think that Bill Clinton is probably even a nasty, bad, naughty boy."

Naughty little "shocker" indeed.

Mike P said...

Mary Jane went to Los Angeles, and everyone followed her, pretty much. Now, everyone is on their way back.