Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Big Catch-Up, Week Six: The End of the Amazing Spider-Blog?!

After being unable to use a computer for several days (due to work and other commitments) I logged on to the Houston Chronicle site. As many of you know (knowledge that is now spread to all) I read "Amazing Spider-Man" on that wonderful web site. This is because that site carries it in color, and I am usually unable to find it in my paper. It's not with the other comics, for some reason. Instead, it's banished to some back page of the Classifieds with "Judge Parker" like some sort of leper. In any case, I logged on and found that none of their color comics were loading. I'm sure this is just a temporary snafu, but just in case... anyone know where I can read "Amazing Spider-Man" online?

09/29:I thought they were already teamed-up.

TIL: The use of the term "team-up".

Neither one of them knows how to pack a blasted suitcase, apparently.

TIL: That blond guy in the first panel in the middle row.

One could equate Mary Jane's star power as being "great power", one which she has a duty to use responsibly. Here we see her abusing her power, and her husband happily agreeing that this abuse of power is aces. While using her power to get a quicker plane ride home is pretty mild compared to some things celebrities have gotten away with, it's still not very nice or anything. They've packed their suitcase properly, at least.

Also, she's not even a movie star yet. Her movie hasn't even come out yet.

TIL: That weird painting in the second panel.

Yes, because we all know using his superpowers to make his life easier is what Peter Parker is all about.

TIL: The fact that Los Angeles apparently has ten-lane highways.

I could see this working out if Spider-Man was web-slinging or something, but he's jumping on top of cars. Everyone in Los Angeles is seemingly after his pot o' gold - er, secret identity, and his wife is beset by autograph hounds at every turn. This is a very meandering post, but what I'm trying to say is that this is like the second least smartest thing he could do right now. The least smartest would be to do it without his costume on.

TIL: I guess the cab driver's shirt.

So that's why he's not web-slinging. Thanks for letting us know, comic.

TIL: HA HA VOMIT REFERENCE HA HA HA! Actually, that's the thing I like least about this comic.

Ha ha, it's another reference to Superman. Also, a joke about airport security! Okay, seriously, just let them get back on the blasted plane and get back to New York. Let something spider-intensive happen, please, I'm getting bored.

TIL: It looks kind of like Mary Jane is saying, "Oh mooo!" in the third panel. God, am I tired.

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that (complaining) guy said...

First Peter managed to change clothes and swing away without anyone noticing when MJ was being smothered by autograph hounds at the gas station. Now he's managed to change clothes, get out of the cab with MJ and suitcases (which if they were in the trunk would have been difficult) and leave without the cabbie noticing. You'd think his disrobing in the back seat would have drawn attention, plus the opening of the doors. I didn't find this funny, just annoying.