Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Big Catch-Up, Week Five: Shocking Developments

Well, it's Wednesday. I had no idea it was Wednesday until about an hour ago when I went to read my daily allotment of web-comics and discovered the ones that update on Thursday weren't updated, but the ones that update on Wednesday were updated. Boy howdy, was I surprised!

09/22:It's times like this that I'm glad I slacked off and didn't update for a month and a half, because I have absolutely nothing to say about this strip and such a thing looks better in a compilation then a single post.

TIL: It's kind of funny how the Shocker is upside down.

Thank you for explaining why Shocker didn't just bust out. That is very kind of you. Though I find it hard to believe that Jameson forgot Maria was there.

TIL: How SHOCKED the Shocker looks in the sixth panel.

Next up on whatever the heck their show is called: How the Shocker caused a massive earthquake killing thousands, and then afterwards kicked a blind puppy! STORY AT ELEVEN!

TIL: Spider-Man's shattering of the fourth wall.

Larry Lieber, after recently figuring out how Spider-Man is web-slinging around California, is going to milk it for all it's worth. I have no problems with this.

TIL: The convenient placement of palm trees.

Oh dears, sadness abounds for Mary Jane. It looks like Peter is in the jungle in panel one. Will he meet the Phantom?

TIL: Peter's logic.

First thing, I think I mentioned something about how foolish it was that the studio was blindly making a "Marvella" sequel some time ago. It's good to see they've come to their senses before committing themselves to something that may be a disaster. Second, whoever organized that contract is the worst agent in history. Not only will Mary Jane get typecast as Marvella and therefore potentially damn her career, but by the time the second Marvella movie comes out (if ever) no one will remember Mary Jane Watson-Parker.


"Sorry your movie career has been killed before it was able to begin, but at least I beat up a super-villain!" That's like a postman coming home from work and telling his wife (who is a an aspiring baker) "Sorry your cake didn't win the bake off, but at least I delivered some mail!" While doing your job is something to be proud of, don't try to use it to cheer people up. Unless you're a clown or comedian, in which case knock yourself out.

TIL: The amazing shape-shifting television, as well as the magical shadow-casting signature box.

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