Sunday, October 28, 2007

Over a Month of Backlog? NOT IF I CAN HELP IT. AND I CAN!

10/20:Someone finally puts two and two together. What sort of lies will Peter tell to get out of this one, I wonder...

TIL: Jonah looking shocked in panel three.

Robbie Robertson totally knows that Peter is Spider-Man.

TIL: Robbie's reaction shot in the final panel.

There's nothing better than saying that one of your good friends (and your boss) is the person he loathes most, right?

TIL: Jonah's asexual reproduction in panel three.

I'm not doing a "Thing I Liked" for today, because there's just so much I like about this particular strip. Well, just two things, really, but considering how it's a three panel strip that's sort of a lot. The first thing is Robbie's reference to the Silver Surfer. This is just preposterous on any level, especially since I have no idea if the Surfer is real or not in this comic strip. If he is, that would just be weird, though it fills me with hope that Simon Krandis might be Galactus. Well, not fill, but it would be an interesting (and totally absurd) twist.

The other thing is Peter's entrance in panel three, because it's reminiscent of one of those religious types who go door-to-door trying to convert people. If I ever do an FAQ about this strip, I'm totally using that panel as an intro picture.

On the fifteenth, Peter claimed he was coming back because he and his wife needed a break from Hollywood. Unless Jonah has no short-term memory, he should remember this. Also, I just realized that Peter left Jonah's office just to swing in front of it as Spider-Man. If this nonsense continues, Simon Krandis being Galactus won't be that far-fetched.

TIL: Jonah's head is about to explode in panel three, it looks like.

It's strips like these that make me sort of glad I'm not good at keeping a daily schedule, since I have just about nothing to say about this one. And, considering some of the other nonsense I put up here, that's saying a lot.

TIL: Panel one looks sort of silly.

I'm actually more interested in this Simon Krandis chap than anything Spider-Man could do right now. Why cut away from it? It's not as if the strip has shied away from going a month or two without any Spider-Man appearances before.

TIL: Peter's use of "convinced" as a synonym for "flattered him to the point where he sort of forgot about the whole thing".

It's not as if a wall-crawling web-slinging masked man is that easy to forget, Spider-Man. Though I do realize you're just trying to be funny. I wonder if either of those guys are Simon Krandis...

TIL: The perspective in panel three makes it look as if Spider-Man is a giant.

How did those guards get free? For that matter, how did two thugs like that manage to hold up an armored car? Is the law enforcement community of this New York that lazy and/or incompetent? No wonder they need Spider-Man.

TIL: I am psyched about the Persuader. Do you think he's gonna be a costumed menace, or just some muscled thug in a sport coat? OR MAYBE BOTH?!


Brack said...

I remember a Persuader in the Spidey comics in the 80s. He was a mutant in a goofy costume that used his powers of persuasion to make The Punisher try and kill The Lobo Brothers (some hoodlums who turned into wolves).

jvwalt said...

Aww, I was hoping The Persuader would be a Fuller Brush Man gone bad, traveling from door to door convincing people to do evil things. I imagine him looking like "Bob" from the Church of the Sub-Genius.

It's not much, but it's about what we'd expect from a strip that features the likes of Hugo the Bumbling Chauffeur and the super-villains who can be defeated with a single Spidey-Punch.