Monday, October 15, 2007

The Big Catch-Up, Week Seven: In Which Spider-Man Finds a Heffalump.

Well, it would appear that with this update I am finally caught up. I pray to God that circumstances never let this happen ever again, and I will try my hardest to stay at least a bit updated. Nothing like this, though... never again like this.

The fourth panel of this comic would feature Stan Lee mugging the camera and saying, "Buy your Amazing Spider-Man costumes at your local 'Toys 'R' Us', True Believers! EXCELSIOR!"

TIL: I'm going to cheat a bit here and say nothing really stood out enough for me to like it.

I thought this had been resolved yesterday. Also, why is his spider-sense going off? There's no danger about. I think poor ol' Stan Lee needs a bit of a break.

TIL: The X-Men reference. It's stupid, but in a charming way.

We all know that planes are the last bastion of privacy, so it's no wonder Peter and Mary Jane are talking about their respective secret lives. They're being remarkably subtle about it, though, so that's good.

TIL: Peter using Mary Jane as an armrest in panel one.

You'd think it would be a relief for the usually money-starved Parkers to come back to their modest New York apartment and realize that, thanks to Mary Jane's paycheck for "Marvella", they won't have to worry about rent and that sort of thing for a while. Instead, they simply bemoan their situation. I'm beginning to dislike the Parkers.

TIL: Peter's tiny tiny head in panel two.

Peter earns some likability points as he expresses displeasure at the thought of leaving the city which has been his home for the better part of thirty years. I like that they're back in New York. It just feels sort of right. I can't shake the feeling that, back in Los Angeles, some c-list villain is setting himself up to be disappointed. He won't be that much trouble, and easily defeated by local law enforcement (with minor aid from the Land Captain), but he'll be wishing he could fight Spider-Man. Poor guy.

TIL: Mentioned above.

It's the return of nightgown Mary Jane! Long-time readers may remember that, for several weeks, Mary Jane paraded around in that nightgown. (It's here.) It looks like that won't be repeated here, though, as Mary Jane quickly throws on some actual clothes. Peter remains shirtless, however, presumably for the ladies?

TIL: The promise of Robbie Robertson. Hooray!

That was quick. I was half-expecting Peter to traipse around New York for a month before even laying eyes on the Daily Bugle, and another two weeks until he made it to the offices of the Daily Bugle. Thank God this was not the case.

TIL: The fulfillment of the promise of Robbie Robertson.

They'll be in for a rude surprise when Spider-Man is back. No one will put two and two together, though. It's not like Robbie doesn't already know Peter is Spider-Man, though. I do have to wonder why Jameson is back, as I was looking forward to some time without Jameson. At least Maria didn't follow him.

TIL: That Maria did not follow Jameson and we're rid of her.

I wonder what JJJ's secret mission is. I also wonder why he looks like a mutated chipmunk in the middle panel.

TIL: The fact that Jameson is a jerk. Wait, I don't like that.

I hope to God it's the Kingpin. This is something the Kingpin would do, buying out the Daily Bugle. OH GOD I HOPE IT'S THE KINGPIN!

TIL: Potential Kingpin!

With that, folks, we're caught up! Just in time for our one-year anniversary, which is kind of a redundant term! Tune in tomorrow for... well, more of the same.


jvwalt said...

Okay, so first, MJ is rightfully concerned that her Hollywood career is on hold because her contract prevents her from taking other film work if/until they make a Marvella sequel... and then she's hoping they don't make the sequel anytime soon. Hmm.

And then we have Peter Parker, Amazing Idiot. He's married to a hot Hollywood starlet with a lead role in a major-studio blockbuster... and he's surprised that she might actually have to go back to the West Coast. Double hmm.

that guy said...

I've always liked that when Pete's spider-sense goes off, half of his face shows his mask. However, I think the 10/07 strip is the first time I've ever seen Peter's mouth visible OVER the mask when he's sensing danger. It looks....wrong.