Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Big Catch-Up, Week Two: The Return of Spider-Man

When we left off, Spider-Man's biggest booster was allying herself with his biggest critic. Meanwhile, a super-villain is on the loose with the web-slinger nowhere to be seen. Literally, he hadn't shown up for two weeks. Ah, and a cop may have started down the road to vigilantism. What will happen next? We now return to "The Amazing Spider-Man"!

The unholy alliance of Jameson and Lopez is more than enough to get Spider-Man's spider-sense tingling. This is especially notable because the pair are miles away and not even doing anything troublesome yet. Yes, instead of "bordering on precognition", it has evolved into flat-out precognition. Only time will tell if this remains the case.

TIL: Hey, it's Spider-Man!
Today's Lesson: Jonah Jameson + Maria Lopez = TROUBLE

The Shocker isn't really that much of a threat, Spider-Man. You've said so yourself. Though, of course, this was before he started accidentally knocking down buildings, so perhaps his threat level has increased. Of course, everyone has forgotten about the bounty on Spider-Man's mask, so we'll see if that plot thread gets resolved.

Also, I think it would be much more likely for both stations to just fire Lopez and Jameson. They can't be that popular.

TIL: We all knew the retirement wouldn't last.
Today's Lesson: The inter-mingling of Maria Lopez and Jonah Jameson is enough to spend Spider-Man into fits.

At least Peter's priorities are in the right place, though his attention is bound to gravitate to the Jameson/Lopez thing eventually. You'd think that Mary Jane and Peter would be more tan after spending all that time in the hot Death Valley sun.

TIL: Jameson's facial expression in panel one. Love makes him ham things up for the camera.
Today's Lesson: Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, remember this: Jonah and Maria are watching you through the television set.

The third panel here is just like the third panel from August 28th's strip, just flipped and with different (much happier) people.

TIL: Peter's tiny hand in panel one.
Today's Lesson: Peter Parker has the ability to change his facial features.

Not to mention the fact that he's currently in Death Valley which is not very close to Los Angeles. Though it would be funny to see Spider-Man bumming around the desert shouting for the Shocker.

TIL: The fact that Peter didn't see the Spider-Man costume in that suitcase, despite the fact that it appears to be the only suitcase they brought with them.
Today's Lesson: See yesterday's lesson. Today, he chooses to look like Quasimodo in panel one.

I think panel three should have left the exclamation point out of Peter's thought balloon. In fact, I think that's what Stan Lee intended, only to somehow mess it up somewhere along the way.

TIL: The black-haired girl looks like a grown-up Nancy.
Today's Lesson: Autograph hounds roam California, eagerly waiting for anyone remotely famous to walk by.

What if her movie really sucks and her career is over almost before it begins? Or what if Mysterio or someone comes and ruins the movie shoot, causing it to never finish filming? All of these are things you should take into consideration when you live in the world of Spider-Man.

TIL: Mary Jane's ability to sign an autograph without looking. That takes mad skills.
Today's Lesson: See yesterday's lesson.


that guy said...

At what point is Fred the gas jockey going to come out of the station and shoo away all those manic autograph hounds? He's got a business to run!

Mike P said...

Poor Fred's too shy to shoo anyone away, unfortunately. Right now, he's hiding behind the desk and hoping to god everyone will leave soon. Every so often, he warily peeks over the desk, and when he sees the crowd still gathered, he quickly retreats into his little safety cave.

Poor Fred the Gas Jockey.