Thursday, July 12, 2007

One MILLION Dollars

Thank God, something is happening! Granted, I've been waiting for this since the middle of June, but at least it's finally here. If we're lucky, a bunch of crazies and whatnot will come out to try and unmask Spider-Man. In any case, this might actually have a bit of excitement in it. Tune in three months from now when I bemoan the lack of excitement in this storyline.

TIL: It looks like Jameson's head is in a microwave. Larry Lieber has no idea how to draw modern television sets.


Andy said...

Welcome back, Mike.

I'm hoping that Larry King comes back with that laser and holds both Jonah and Maria Lopez hostage until Spidey shows up and takes him down.

Of course, the Stockholm Syndrome sets in, and Maria Lopez falls in love with Larry King in the middle of it. That's good for another month right there.

hostile17 said...

Yea Larry King as a major player in the strip would be phenomenal, but sadly I doubt that will actually happen.